Morning Keynote Presenter

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

A Fresh New Approach to Productivity

"Productivity isn't about how busy you are, it's about how much you accomplish"

Drawing from over a decade's worth of research, as well as Chris Bailey's yearlong deep dive experiment into the world of productivity, this counter-intuitive and wildly entertaining talk will transform how you think about productivity. Productivity doesn't have to be boring-and it's possible to get more done every day without hating the process. In addition to showing how productivity is about managing your time as well as your attention and energy, this talk will give you several practical, tactical ways to get more done every day at work and at home, so you'll walk away with some solid productivity techniques in your back pocket.

Sponsor by Ottawa Tourism and the Shaw Centre

Lunch Keynote Presentation

The Debaters Live hosted by Steve Patterson DAVE HEMSTAD ERICA SIGURDSON

The Debaters: Erica Sigurdson and Dave Hemstad with Steve Patterson

With so many ways to interact online, is meeting face to face a waste of time?

App-happy comedian Erica Sigurdson says, "A virtual meet-up is as good as it gets." Handshake-loving comic Dave Hemstad says, "There ain't nothing like the real thing, baby!" Funnyman Steve Patterson moderates the mayhem and keeps the audience logged-in and the laughs streaming.

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