George Stroumboulopoulos


Award-winning broadcasting personality. Read more about George here.

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Kellylee Evans


Built to Fly: Juno Award winning singer-songwriter and survivor Kellylee Evans will speak about the importance of resilience and community in her journey to recovery from physical disability and illness. Hers is an inspiring message of self-care and finding your own super-powers. It speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever had their life interrupted by a setback they have worked to overcome! Read more about Kellylee here.

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Manjit Minhas


Rising to the Top How to Inspire, Learn, and Lead: Facing tough choices with tenacity and living up to our potential is so often easier said than done. How can we truly rise up to the occasions that challenge us? How can we harness exciting possibilities in a way that inspires others? Manjit Minhas is a mesmerizing speaker who will show you how to make a difference—at work, at home, and in the lives of everyone around you. With wisdom and wit, Minhas shares her memorable experiences as an entrepreneur and leader, showing what it means to have vision, perseverance and true teamwork—and what it means to lead.  Founder of the  10th largest brewery in the world and co-star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, read more about Manjit here.

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